Bent Grass Lawn Maintenance Company

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Bent grass is cool season grass that is perfect for the cold north. It grows strong and deep enough to cope with the hot summers and cold winters. This grass grows fastest during spring and fall. It can also do well along the coast in areas where the temperature rarely goes above 90 F and there is an adequate amount of rainfall.

Bent grass Lawn Maintenance Company is used when turf is needed as it can be mowed very short with no damage, it is very durable and can handle a lot of traffic, it has deep green color, and it has a shallow root system that allows it to be seeded and grown easily.

Creeping bent grass is the most commonly used on golf courses, especially on the putting green. It aggressively grows horizontal stems that run along the surface of the ground soil. This allows creeping bent grass to form dense strands that choke out bunch grass and broadleaf weeds.

Colonial bent grass was brought to the colonies from Europe. This grass was used for the lawns of the estates in Europe. It is the tallest bent grass, has a fine texture and grows dense. It is best suited for lawns. It is easy to grow from seed. This grass requires less maintenance than the creeping variety. It does take longer to establish than the creeping bent grass though.

Velvet bent grass has a velvet appearance, hence the name. Its texture is the finest of all the bent grasses. This bent grass was used in Europe for estates and golf courses. This grass requires more maintenance than the creeping bent grass. It has a lighter green color than the other bent grass varieties.

Colonial Bent grass is a pale green color with fine leaves. It needs normal to slightly acidic soil and full sun. It is the popular choice for golf grass. It is vulnerable to winter injury, snow molds and other diseases because of its weak growth. It should be watered often and fed light sprinklings of dry and liquid fertilizer frequently. This grass requires the most care of all the cool season grasses. Popular cultivars are Arlington, Bardot, Old Orchard, Springfield, Toronto and Washington.

  • Bent grass mowing height is 1/4 to 1″.
  • The pH range is 5.5 – 6.5.
  • This grass can be grown all over the continental United States.

When seeding with bent grass use 1 to 2 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet. It will take 4 to 12 days to germinate. Remember this grass is cold tolerant, looks good but is high maintenance.

Bent grass is one of the best grasses to grow from sod for cool season grasses. When using this grass as sod, plant it in mid to late spring before the hot and hazy days of summer arrive. Keep the ground moist to a depth of 6 inches to encourage the roots to grow down in search of water. You want the sod’s roots to weave into the soil as soon as possible.