Custom-Made Curtains for Blocking Sound

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What are some of the best reasons to buy custom-made curtains? Can they make a difference in any way over traditional curtains? And why should you bother instead of opting for the cheapest design that works with your room’s décor? You can find the answers to these questions in the following paragraphs.

How Do Curtains Block Sound?

Some curtains are heavier and denser than regular designs. They’re effective at dampening sound, though not banishing outside noise entirely. Additional layers of fabric can reduce noise, block more light, and even provide more insulation.

They act as another barrier between the outside world and the room.

Interlined curtains

Some custom-made curtains can be on the thicker side, especially if you choose interlining, which is a thick, blanket-like layer that sits between the fabric and the lining. When that’s the case, you can get good soundproofing and insulating qualities.

The thicker the material, the more light it blocks. But there are ways to counterbalance this. Selecting a light coloured fabric will help as will choosing a fabric with a sheen as this type of fabric will reflect the light.

You may also find that with reduced light the temperature in a room will also drop. This could pose some issues during the winter when natural light from large windows can help warm up a room.

Yet the opposite effect also happens. A thicker, denser curtain can also help retain heat as it won’t get easily lost through the window. That’s why picking custom-made interlined curtains is better in many situations.

Benefits of Custom Curtains

You can pick the material thickness that you’re most comfortable with. At the same time, you get your choice of colours and fabrics. Selecting the type and colour of lining is your choice. Custom made curtains are crafted to fit your measurements so you can sure they will be the perfect fit for your windows, whatever the size and shape. While ready-made curtains do come in a variety of sizes, they are rarely the perfect fit.

If the curtains are the last piece of puzzle, then a custom option is even better. You won’t have to worry about what’s already in the room in terms of furniture and carpeting. You can simply design something unique that will complement the existing décor.

It’s also worth pointing out that custom curtains can be quite unique, as long as you have plenty of style options, fabrics, and colours to choose from. It can be very rewarding to know you’re hanging up something that no other home has.

Are Custom-Made Curtains Expensive?

Some of them are. When creating custom curtains, you get to pick everything that goes into a design. Everything from colour and style to fabrics and extra layers. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for affordable fabrics or simpler designs.

With custom curtains there’s usually an additional manufacturing cost. Yet you can end up paying less for custom designs too, than for some ready-made designs with expensive components. It’s all about picking what you can afford and what you like.

Furthermore, you can sometimes ask for free fabric samples too, if you’re shopping from specialty stores. This is to ensure that everything feels and looks right.

Best Reasons to Buy Custom-Made Curtains

The main reason is to make sure that you get a perfect fit in terms of size. Yet there are many other reasons to go via the custom route. If you live in a busy neighbourhood with lots of traffic and people, sound absorbing curtains seem like the most logical choice.

If your house is exposed to excess light through the windows, then thicker curtains that block sunlight effectively are a good idea.

Sure, custom curtains can help accessorize in a unique way. But it’s even better that they can add more utility in the long run.

The Hassle That’s Well Worth It

It can be fun thinking about curtains and custom designs. How to decorate with window dressing. When you do, all you have to consider is the combination of colours, styles, and fabrics that you know you like. And picking curtains that you know will provide more utility in your home. The manufacturer takes care of everything else. And since you’ll always be taking measurements, regardless of pick, why not try a custom fit to see the improvements it can provide?