DIY Treehouse for Your Kids

What kid doesn’t want their own little fortress to play in and call their own. You will be hard pressed to find a child who isn’t interested in having a treehouse. These days, treehouses have come a long way and there isn’t only one style or way to build one of these extra-special play areas. Please know that you don’t even need a suitable tree to bring this classic play structure to life for your kids to enjoy. For those that aren’t as great with designing and building, there are plenty of options to put together a simple treehouse that will blow your kids’ socks off! After you complete your masterpiece, you too will enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. Without further ado, let’s get into some treehouse inspirations that will most certainly motivate you to start building and excite your kids.

The Deck Treehouse

An uncomplicated design that can be done in four steps makes for an easier-to-tackle option. It’s a terrific way to build a simplistic treehouse because you don’t have to construct a more complex four-walled structure.

On-trend Treehouses

In the era of man caves and she-sheds, those who are particularly handy can build a trendy treehouse for their kids. There’s a plethora of unique options that make for a play space that can be accentuated with attractive decor. If you aren’t very handy, this treehouse isn’t out of your grasp. You can purchase a prefabricated small shed and decorate it to the nines. Also, with the help of a cordless drill, anything is possible.

Modern Treehousees

Modern design is super cool. Modern looks are in the eye of the beholder allowing for both affordable and innovative ways to build using a variety of materials and techniques. Pallets to old doors or windows can make for some very fun materials that construct a modern look. Also, modern can be starkly minimalistic so you can easily come up with an edgy style that is fairly basic to build. That’s something that can appeal to both the super talented handyman or the common DIY-er alike.

Simple Treehouses

The name says it all. Putting together fun treehouses using the least amount of materials and equipment make building this classic play structure feasible for almost any parent. There are plenty of free, straightforward instructions and plans that can be found online via apps like Pinterest or through a simple Google search. There is no reason that even the lay builder should have any problems assembling a treehouse that your child will adore.

This is why you shouldn’t be intimidated by the proposition of building a treehouse. Simple plans allow almost any skillset to accomplish a viable structure that your kids will go crazy for. These projects make giving your kids a treehouse more attainable. And after your done, you will feel pretty good about yourself for doing it and your kids will have plenty of fun using their unlimited imagination to play in it. You aren’t going to regret embarking on building a simplistic treehouse so don’t be afraid to give it a try. With a bit of hard work, you can gift your child a ton of fun.

Deluxe Treehouses

Handyman special, how awesome would it be to build a treehouse that is full of extras? You can be the talk of your neighborhood if you have the skills to build a tremendous treehouse that goes beyond the basic design. How about a special birds nest lookout, or a hanging swing, maybe a slide or zip line will make your treehouse an all-in-one recreation center.

The Tree Fort

Similar to the deck treehouse and simple design, the tree fort provides you with a painless treehouse construction plan that incorporates a base and a ladder. The difference? You add extra high fencing to fend off nerf gun attacks and snowball fights. Make the ladder one that can be easily hoisted up so as to leave no way for attackers to get up in the fort. Also, remember to keep some slots open so that your kids can identify the enemy when they strike back!

The Dream Treehouse

A set-up that has it all, from a full house to a deck, multiple levels, a ladder, slide, swings, etc. You can let your imagination run wild for all the extras you want to include. Give yourself plenty of space for this one so that you can add on all the additional nooks, rooms, hideouts, and toys that you can think of. This one may not be the best for a first-time builder, but for the ultimate DIY-expert, this treehouse can satisfy every desire your child could wish for and more.

The Fitness Treehouse

A treehouse that has everything your kids need to monkey around and build up their strength. Add a rock-climbing wall, a rope to climb and swing from, maybe some bars to hold themselves from by their feet or to swing from one to the next with their arms, the options are limitless.

Themed Treehouse

Ahoy Matey! Have an enthusiastic marauder on your hands? Perhaps a pirate-themed treehouse would peak their fancy. Maybe you have a crunchy little world traveler, tiny camper modeled treehouses give them a sanctuary and even a place to sleep in on warm summer nights. If you are very proficient in building, can you even imagine how much your daughter would love her own castle treehouse where she can play princess every day?

Treehouses have many benefits. If your child is old enough, encouraging them to work with you and help you build the play structure enhances their confidence while teaching them a valuable skill. Building together is a great way to spend time bonding. Treehouses also:

  • Promotes children’s imagination while they play
  • Are terrific motivation for them to go outside and get fresh air; outside play also helps your children take in more natural Vitamin D
  • Rouses them to get active which provides them plenty of exercise while they play
  • The exercise from hanging and climbing helps build muscular strength
  • The exercise from navigating through the treehouse increases their coordination and improves balance
  • Studies show that children who enjoy activities outside have improved vision
  • Treehouses offer hours of play that allow children a healthy outlet for their natural energy, which will increase their focus and attention, help them eat better at meal time, reduce fussiness, and improve their mental clarity
  • Outside fun play reduces stress
  • Inviting others over for play will enhance social skills and communication

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