How to avoid lighting mistakes

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Choosing lighting fixtures is not easy at all, as most people on Norske Anmeldelser claim. No matter how special a room is, without the right light, it can look mundane and untidy. That’s why today we help you choose the right modern lighting fixtures for your home. A mistake in the arrangement of the lighting fixtures brings a strong discomfort, so let’s shed light on this problem and see what we can avoid getting the lighting that provides the well-being we want inside the home!

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Most of the time, complaints about bad choices made in the process of arranging lighting fixtures refer to the fact that light does not get everywhere where it is needed, and the energy consumption is very high.

It is therefore essential to know the consequences that you will bear as a result of the decisions made regarding this type of arrangement because they are directly proportional to the way you will feel in your home. So let’s find out what mistakes we must avoid if we want a beautiful, and especially properly, lighted house:

Natural light blocking

The first mistake you can make is not to take full advantage of access to natural light. It can be easily lost due to improperly arranged curtains and drapes, or due to poorly placed furniture. The light will have to be maintained by the lighting fixtures, but it is ideal to perceive the natural light as the starting point of the arrangement.

Do not implement lighting fixtures for distinct and specific purposes

It is good to have lighting fixtures for several types of activities, so three main types should not be missing from any home:

Ambient lighting fixtures

This type describes the bodies that define the contours of the living space and that helps us move. These range from lamps to chandeliers and ceiling lights, becoming the main source of lighting in a room.

Working lights

It is most often suitable in spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, or office, accompanying you in activities that require increased attention, such as chopping vegetables, shaving, or reading. Whether you opt for work lamps or spotlights, these types offer a light focused on the activity you want to carry out.

Accent lighting

Represents a complement to the ambient lighting, and highlights certain elements of the architecture or decor of the room, providing depth. You can choose from lamps, lanterns, floor lamps, or wall lamps.

If you do not make a uniform mixture of these three types of lighting fixtures, you risk getting a room with a lack of functionality.

Installation without intensity adjustment

Installing the intensity settings will allow you to have more rigorous control over both the electricity consumption and the environment you create in the room. Moreover, adjusting the intensity prolongs the life of the source and the luminaire.