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A beautiful garden can easily become one’s most favourite place in a house. A positive surrounding can make an entire day full of energy and positive thoughts. Oscar De La Renta has rightly said, “Gardening is the work of the lifetime: You Never Finish”. Spending hours under the sun or the moonlight around mesmerizing plants lights a hope of love and warmth. The real magic, however, lies in making a perfect choice. When it comes to making a perfect choice, it applies to every little thing even to the planters of your garden. The minute details, when added up, make a whole new bunch of magic. When we talk about the French gardens, symmetry plays a pivotal role. Aligning every aspect not only enhances beauty but also makes the person using it a perfectionist. This article highlights the ways to design a French garden with decorative planters. A few ideas in the right direction enhance the beauty of the surroundings thus making a long-lasting impression.

Knowing the Details with decorative planters

Symmetry and order are like the right hands of any French garden. Extracted from the Italian landscape design plays an important role when it comes to the French garden. The view that your eyes can capture for a lifetime comes from here. Surrounded by some boxwood hedges, clipped shrubs, neatly planted garden beds, and planters, and fields of lavender the garden can draw anyone’s attention. Witnessing a great usage of stonework and the best planters are the key highlights of any French garden. When it comes to our landscape following some basic principles of art and design can turn our garden into an Italian landscape. The fundamentals lie within the following principles.

  • Symmetry
  • Neat spaces
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Mesmerizing colour palette
  • Stone Element


When it comes to symmetry, French gardens hold the first place. This is because designs are adopted from the real French landscape which is meant to be viewed from every angle which can be a terrace or even a window. The emphasis is given to a pool, a statue which is situated in the middle. But when it comes to designing symmetry the choice to find the perfect planters can be a bit challenging. Bonasila designs planters with utmost perfection. To make the area of your house breathtaking area one can go with the Corin planters which delivers the glossy and matte finish to your garden. To make your planters blend well with the surrounding one can go with the Circo planters. Every corner of the garden will transform into a decorative interior of its own. When it comes to beautifying any place, planters can do that without adding any extra dose of inputs. Bonasila covers a wide range of planters to complement every corner of the garden. When it comes to placing a planter in the garden despite the fact of beauty a perfect water management system is that one can ask for. For that very thought, Escon has to be the first choice of anyone. All the planters delivered and designed are to the best of their quality and light in weight. Aligning these planters in a symmetrical pattern with an emphasis on the center can make your garden a French garden.

Neat Spaces

French gardens are known for their neat spaces. Every element is placed in a distinctive way giving an overall dazzling appeal. Ranging from the oval, square, circle the garden can hold any shape. These planting bed designs rule the beauty of your garden. Planting beds are more compounds near the main structure, filled with artfully designed boxwood as they are the main highlight. Lawns are often rectangular or square, creating lines of interest across the axis and define sections of the garden. Pathways, often made of gravel, border garden elements like lawns and create avenues to travel throughout the design. Once again when neat spaces trickle down our thought process Bonasila comes to the first place. Transforming every corner of the garden with the fine finish of the ornamental planters is the art we cater to. One has to make sure that a clear pathway to reach every corner of the plant bed is available.

Shapes and sizes

Flowerpots are used for their ability to make their surrounding look wow as they easily make the visual go wow in the gardens. There are a lot of shapes and sizes that can be used to give a garden an unconventional, modern or artistic look.  Hanging pots, Small sized pots, Long Tubular pots or cycle or a man’s face shape pots too add to the eye catchy scenario in the garden. And yes, Bonasila is one such brand that will help you get the gauge with a plethora of range it has of pots.

Mesmerizing Color Palette:

French gardens deliver the charm of their own. What are prominent here are the greens and whites. Rows of lavender colour running down the sidelines with attention in the center to the flowing water in blues. Designer planters from Bonasila add up to the colour palette of the garden. Ranging from a matte finish to glossy touch and then to the texture is what adding beauty. Every colour of the planter is made to complement and make your French garden the place to remember for a lifetime. When it comes to giving a rock-solid colour finish to our gardens the blooming period of every flower has to be kept in mind. Combining the colours adds a value of its own. When it comes to recreating a traditional French garden one can stick to the colours like white, pink, blue, and mauve as these were the colours that were traditionally used in the gardens.

Stone Element

Gravel paths or stonework are the hallmarks of the French gardens. With loose stone, one has to be prepared for maintenance before it goes out of control. Using low stone walls to form planting beds elevates the plants and provides more growing space, but it’s also a great way to add extra seating.

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Bonasila are the planter manufacturers offering a grand collection of FRP planters (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) that give shape to our beautiful plant decor. What they believe in is that people with aesthetic thinking must have something in hand to complement their ideas. Bonasila stands well on the top list of fibreglass planters India. Their range of planters will include all the eye-catching colours that one can ever ask for.

Life becomes more tranquilizing when we get an extra right hand for us. Bonasila caters to these values. Without worrying about what we have to do next we want you all to just go with the flow. Right from the emerging thought of creating a French garden of your own to building it in reality Bonasila is right next to you. If you feel an impulse to share your thoughts or experiences, we welcome you all in our comment section.

If you think that this blog helps you to get started, we wish you all the best to bring your dream French garden to reality.