How to make a small bedroom look bigger

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A small bedroom doesn’t have to look small, you can decorate it to make it look like a bigger space. Some tricks can trick people that your bedroom is bigger than it is. Here are the tricks you can employ:

Use vertical space and mirrors

You have to think vertical when you are dealing with a small room. Even if the floor space is small, you can use the walls right up to the ceiling, thereby making the space bigger. For instance, built-in shelves are great for adding visual space to a small bedroom. You can opt for bookcases or shelving units as well. Ensure you paint the shelves the same colour as the wall. Additionally, use at least a full-length mirrors. They re one of the things that make your small bedroom instantly bigger and you can work them easily into your bedroom. For instance, you can place mirrors over the dresser and the bed. Hang small, fancy-framed mirrors on the wall. You can read about companies that sell mirrors and other vertical space products on With the information, you will be able to buy the right products to make your bedroom bigger.

Choose furniture with legs and match your windows to the wall

Use furniture with legs to create an airy feel in your bedroom. Not every piece of furniture needs to be legged but ensure they have some height. The more floor that shows, the larger your bedroom will look. Also, match your window treatments to the walls. This helps to move the eyes across space, and make it seem as if the room is bigger. You can also add interest to the room by using wallpapers that complement the space. Use long drapes for your curtains. Go for cotton materials that match the colour of the wall. You can use sleek blinds as well.

De-clutter and colour-coordinate the room

Make your bedroom as minimalist as much as possible. A clutter-free bedroom gives the illusion of a large space. Organize your wardrobe well and take away the pieces of furniture that make the room overcrowded. Remember not to hang too many paintings on the wall. Besides, colour-coordinate your bedroom. Avoid using too many colours. It is better to choose a theme and stick to it, than use contrasting colours that give your bedroom an odd feeling. If you want to use multiple colours, use different shades of a single colour scheme. This helps to weave everything in your bedroom together. If you are introducing decorative items to the bedroom, you should make sure that opt for decorative items that will not take a lot of space and that could contribute to making the room look bigger. You can read home décor companies reviews to see what items people with smaller room space are buying, which companies they are buying it from and how it contributes to making their bedroom look bigger.

Keep the bedding simple and opt for brighter colours

Never use bold patterns for your beddings, they make your bedroom look smaller. Light coloured fabrics are the best for a simple look. Also, opt for brighter colours. They help reflect light, unlike darker colours which make a room look closed off. Neutral shades are also ideal if you have soft furnishings in your room. You can be creative about this by adding pops of colour with decorative items as well. Needless to say, ensure you always clean up after any activity. A badly arranged room does not add to the aesthetic appeal of the room, nor does it make it look bigger.