How To Properly Clean and Take Care Of Furniture

You finally got that while cupboard from you have been saving for, and now all you want to do is keep it clean and keep it in the best shape possible. Do you have the slightest idea how to do that? If you do not, here is a guideline. And even if you do, we bet there is an extra you did not know, so read on.

Cleaning furniture with fabric

These are pieces like sofa sets, ottomans, and accent seats that have fabric sections. You cannot possibly pour water to clean these pieces since you cannot hang them to dry due to the cushioning material in the padding. The best way to get them cleaned is by dusting them and simply preventing dirt from accumulating on the fabric, and if it happens to catch some, you have to contact professionals who use vacuums to do the cleaning. If the piece has a removable fabric covering such as an ottoman, remove it and wash it.

To take care of these pieces, consider getting a covering over the furniture to ensure they stay in top shape, and whenever you want to clean, you remove the cover and wash them.

Fully wooded furniture

These are like beds, bench seats, tables, and stools, among others. You must wipe them down with wet clothing and polish them using a spray cleaner and a dry cloth for these items. These are the easiest to take care of, and this is how you do it:

First of all, when it comes to tables and stools that can be ruined with heat from teas and other drinks, use coasters and placemats to create a barrier between the hot fluid and the furniture surface. When it comes to beds and other wooden pieces like side tables, the wipe and polishing will do. Maintenance is to avoid using harsh chemicals to wipe, and you will be fine.


Furniture with glass or mirror parts

These may be coffee tables or dressing cabinets, and the cleaning is essential as the fully wooden pieces, but this time the polishing is done using a lint-free fabric. The lint-free clothing is preferred since it does not leave any of its threads behind after wiping. And this leaves the reflective surface spick and span. This may also be extended to cleaning the TV or the Monitor and the windows.

Metallic furniture

They might be rare, but they still do exist. They are things like candle holders, and cleaning them should be done using mild detergent and water minus any chemical that may corrode the metallic surface or initiate oxidation. Taking care of these pieces is merely keeping them dry and away from harsh chemicals.

Take away

It goes without saying that the brighter the paint, the more cleaning to be done, but now you know how to do it properly. Just know that you should never scrub the surface using a stiff cloth or scorch bright unless necessary. Even so, do it gently.