Ideas On How to Maximise Your Wine Storage Space

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Let your imagination take flight when it comes to ideas on the best storage for wine bottles and how to showcase their magnificence. Therefore, stand back and take pride in these wine storage solutions in the shapes of wine fridges from the makers such as the wine fridge Miele and various others made available by wine fridge manufacturers worldwide that specialise in maximising your storage of wine bottles and its expansion even in the tightest of spaces. In addition, because you have limited space available in your home, you might want to look out for the built-in wine fridge and various other wine fridge models, which encompass all shapes, sizes and makes that would well incorporate value into your home such as the kitchen where the unit would ultimately be stored and behold. Nonetheless, on the other hand, you might want to search online or at a wine fridge store for the best one that would suit your requirements as a wine bottle collector; however, do your research correctly and take the correct measurements as there are additional factors that you can place inside your wine fridge that would ultimately expand how many wine bottles you can store.

A hive wine display

When you lack space inside your home and want to own a small space meant just for the display and preservation of your wine bottle collection, look no further than installing a hive wine display. In addition, you might find beautiful ideas on how to achieve this by paging through the numerous websites and their images on how to optimally perform this type of what is essentially a piece of art on display on one of the room’s walls you would like or desire to have your wine bottle collection displayed. However, when placing such a wall feature for wine bottle collections, always keep in mind the area in which you place these, which is coincidentally wine racks placed in such a way to form an artistic version of a typical wine rack display usually placed on a tabletop, which is another excellent idea to do, however, keep in mind the proper placement of your bottles in these racks, for instance, place them on their sides with the neck of the bottle facing slightly down to ensure the appropriate storage is provided to these specialised bottle collections.

A staircase unit

Upon your realisation that you would like to acquire some form of proper wine storage but lack the space to place a large unit, why not invest in constructing a wine cellar room or open wine fridge underneath your spiral staircase, for example? And why not envelop this area with all-over glass and tempered proof doors to ensure that all guests and yourself can gasp at the beauty of adequately placed wine bottle collections in steel or wooden wine racks? By placing them close to each other, you might also increase the space you have available to acquire more to add to your already-established collection of fine wines.

A wine shelf

When you finally decide to place a wine storage solution in your home but realise that you do not have ample space to put a wine fridge, you might invest in a pine wooden wine rack shelf. Additionally, this can be placed against an open wall wherever desired. However, remember the rule of not placing bottles of wine in an area exposed to prolonged sun exposure, as the sun’s UV rays could damage the integrity of all the wine you store.