Importance of Office Gardening

Once people retire, they look forward to spending more time in their garden, but maybe that is not something that has to wait. A trait that more and more companies are positively encouraging is becoming green-fingered, even on-site.

Converting office space into natural space which is much appreciated, including converting roofs, is an easy way of fostering a stronger sense of happiness, improve work environment and employee engagement in the workplace. The world’s most successful companies are incorporating indoor plants, vertical gardens, and courtyard landscaping into their office designs.

Space is a powerful tool to foster engagement, inspire innovation, and drive productivity. But what exactly does an optimal space look like? In the Science of Space, we explore how the science of intentional design can turn any work environment into a holistic experience.

The benefits of indoor plants in the office

1. Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the big things that turn companies from a faceless, bland entity to one with personality is corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is ideal for public relations, as it gives back to the community, motivates your staff to be a bigger part of the community, and creates positive relationships with the community.

2. Getting Up and Being Active

Growing food at work is also an excellent way to encourage your employees to get up and be active, especially if you happen to have a business that has a lot of employees sitting at their desks for hours at a time. This gives them a chance to move around, and it can even be better than getting that cup of coffee for that 2 p.m. slump when everyone’s tired.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

More people are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, and this often includes eating fresh produce. Having a garden on site means that your staff will have access to nutritious and tasty food that they or their fellow staff members lovingly grew and harvested. A free salad at lunch is a nice way to say thanks for being a member of the team. Biophilic design holds that natural environments evoke in humans a different response than urban environments. They give us a sense of being away, feeling relaxed, tranquil, and simply existing. And when introduced to sterile environments, natural elements can help in mental recovery and stress relief. We can provide environment friendly fertilizers if we need so that we can maintain healthy lifestyle.

4. Improve the Morale of Your Employees

You can improve the outdoor experience for your employees as well, both on and off the clock. Creating private places outside allow them to unwind during breaks, fences can provide privacy, and a multi-use patio gives you a place to conduct parties and meetings outside of the confines of the buildings. You can even start up an employee garden to give employees an outlet for stress and team building. Check out our blog, Transforming Outdoor Spaces for Your Employees, for the full details.

5. Natural Air Filters

Upholstery, furnishings, outside pollutants getting inside, building materials, cleaning products and closed cubicles with air conditioners can impact air quality badly. It is known that during photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Plants help increase oxygen level during daytime.

Gardening at work can be as simple as having a small indoor garden with a few plants or creating a garden that can help the community. Growing food is a fun way to bring your staff together and contribute to making your workplace a little better and brighter. It’s a fun perk that offers a chance to reduce stress, give back, and be a little healthier at work.