See more on how to turn your home into a luxury home!

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We all love the feeling of luxury. After all, most humans consider luxury to be the zenith of their life. But most people have a flawed definition of luxury — they think that luxury lies in spending millions on a matchstick. Luxury is an experience, and this experience comes with a blend of cost, creativity, and comfort. Look at the best architects in India and See More about how they work on elements of design and other things to conjure luxury out of nowhere. So, what are the things that you can do to make your home feel luxurious?

They say about luxury that it is a state of mind, which it indeed is, but it is a few things more.

Tips on how to make your home feel luxurious!


If you are tight on budget, you’ll need psychology and creativity to create luxury; if you are good on the budget, you’ll need money and creativity to create luxury. In both these cases, creativity is a must.

When we talk of interior designing, we talk of certain elements of design that interact with each other. When this interaction becomes harmonious, grace sings within the home and its walls glow. Also, when this interaction becomes noisy, life goes away from home. Taking care of these elements and creating a beautiful interior does half the work for your luxurious dream. It is like a lady who looks naturally beautiful, all that you need now are certain ornaments. But what are these elements that the best architects in India and interior designers use? We call these elements as elements of interior design.

1 – Work on elements of design to create a beautiful interior!

There are visual elements that interact with each other and create diverse experiences within the human brain. For example, the shape of faces guides the clothes and the makeup that goes with them. Oval faces require certain kinds of eyebrows’ shapes to look good. There is a reason why they advise shorter people to wear dresses with vertical lines. It creates an illusion of being tall. These visual elements guide every aspect of design and psychology. Here are the elements of interior design that best architects in India follow.

  • Colour – colour of walls, paintings, furniture, flooring, upholstery, lighting, bedsheets, etc.
  • Shape or form – the shape of furniture and other items inside the home.
  • Space – The harmony between positive and negative space.
  • Mass – How heavy do the objects look, visually.
  • Light – how natural and artificial light interact with the colour in the home.
  • Line – lines could be formed by anything – furniture, light, sculpture, etc.
  • Pattern – the visual patterns that are visible throughout the home.
  • Texture – the texture of rugs, furniture, flooring, wall, etc. It is related to somatosensory aspects.

All the interior designers work on these aspects. This is the holy grail of the designers that help them create divine beauty. But, what can you do about these elements? How can you work through them?

1.1 – Create visual poetics using colour

What you’ll want to do is to select a colour scheme that you’ll be using all through your home – not just on walls but all through your home. For example, if you fall for the minimalist architecture, you’ll want to go for a monochromatic scheme. Monochromatic Style uses just one colour and its different shades to create a smooth and surreal environment in the home. They do not show you the sight of heaven with glittering gold and shimmering blues and pinks; they show the sight of heaven in smooth and simple shades of colours.

Choosing a neutral colour palette is another way to make your home look good and grand.

1.2 – Taking care of shape and mass

Mass in objects creates a sense of luxury sometimes. For example, adding skirts to the dining chairs will make them look grand. But you would only want to add mass when the space is big. Putting grand shapes with high mass in small rooms will make your home look tiny and stuffed.

Use rugs and added textures to provide a layer to your home. The human brain looks at layers with a sense of something valuable. But this does not mean that the more layers you put the plush it will look. It needs to interact with other elements too.

1.3 – Let there be light, and let add grace

Light has the ability to change the complete look of your home. The good thing about lighting is that it does not cost much either. Buy warm light lamps, a few wall sconces to put around paintings, pendant lights, etc. Indirect lighting has the ability to wash the room with simple goodness. You’ll want to have cornice lights – it adds a sense of luxury. Recessed lights are another type of indirect lighting.

Due to technological upgrades, there are smart lights in the market that you might find interesting. But be creative in the ways you use them.

Using large windows and more natural light will help your home look great. Natural light also helps in elevating the mood and energy levels.

2 – Use mirrors to add space!

Usage of mirrors in the interiors has been an old and useful practice. It adds more space into the home when used at the right place and angle. If there are patterns in your home flooring, use mirrors in a way that the patterns get an extension. Direct the reflective side of the mirror towards a big open window or door or balcony to create a sense of freedom.

3 – Go for home automation!

Home Automation Systems are the latest addition in the luxury department. If you do not have automation in your home, the luxury will still call for some help. Automation brings ease in life and saves money in the long term. There are thousands of systems with varying costs. The best architects in India and across the globe use home automation largely at most homes. Here are few examples of home automation systems –

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Wireless CCTV monitoring.
  • Wireless home security systems.
  • Automatic irrigation system.
  • Smart lights and voice command system.
  • Home theatre system with synchronisation.
  • Automatic water temperature regulation system.
  • Automatic home temperature regulation system.

The list is big and will grow further in years to come. Look for your needs and buy a home automation system to save yourself some peace and money. It will surely add a layer of luxury to your home.

The idea is to think creatively and you’ll be able to add luxury to your home. It will not cost you a fortune. You just have to take care of some major aspects that people see most. This will help you get some praise from your neighbours.

There are many great interior designers in India that have the expertise to work around the budget in a creative sense. Radvi is one such famous name that has been serving for the past 3 decades. It is one of the Best Architects in India. See more about how it works and how it can help you. The thing is, your home is something that you invest on once in your life largely, and you’d not want to ruin it with poor knowledge.