Tea Table

The Wow Factor of Interior Designing

You have spent too much on your interior work and the home looks regal and elegant. But do you know that spending too much on each piece of decor is not the biggest wow factor for your home? Yes, you heard it right!

Having a statement piece of decor in a room is mandatory to elevate the overall look of the room. If you look around you will see that the costliest decor item is most likely a repurposed item. Yes, it’s true.

So, the biggest wow factor is a handmade piece! In fact, everyone is talented enough to make one and show it to the world. Here are two few ideas which you can try right away.

A Focal Point

A focal point of any room is where the best piece of art or work is placed which attracts the attention of anyone on their entry. This is where you can really play around. You can make wall art of your own. The easiest part is that there are no rules when it comes to painting. Whatever that you create is an art of its own.

It does not always have to be on the wall, a focal point could also be a piece of furniture such as a tea table which you can make from an old trunk box, wooden crate, arranging old planks, an old tire, etc.

In fact, a makeshift center table is one of the hugely tried and tested ways to enhance the beauty of a room. Even a piece of old furniture can be easily cleaned up, painted in a new color and accented could make such a reward.

A corner area

A quiet corner was not something that was part of yesteryears’ interior idea. But nowadays, people are craving for such a quiet corner where they can relax and read a book in peace.

This is another area where creative juice must be triggered. One such idea is to have a cushion bed on the floor to make an immediate comfy space. Get some old mattress or blankets and fold them into a small seating. Light up the area with a lamp, candles, and some funky colored accent to finish it up.

Using bright colors in the corners makes it stand out and give a lively vibe. Yellow, bright blue, light green, etc. are good choices. You need not spend too much of these items. You can reuse an old bedsheet, saree, dupatta, stoles, etc. to make a cover for the seating. A crate placed upside down makes a small corner stand to keep the books and lamp.


The trends indicate that it is not always about money that makes us stand apart. It is what we can do with the available pieces that counts as useful. Not only would it make an exclusive decor piece, but it would also help our Earth to have some respite from the ever-increasing waste dumping. You do not want your furniture to be part of such a dump yard, do you?