Tips for making exterior painting jobs last longer

Do you want to paint the exterior of your house or hire professionals to do it? Congratulations, your home will look brand-new again! Now it is time to think about how you make your exterior painting job last as long as possible.

 Even before you buy all the materials or hire exterior house painters, think about all the factors that can affect the paint and make a plan to avoid any negative consequences.

Let’s focus on the Massachusetts climate and its particular effect on houses. Here we deal with a mainly humid continental climate, with snowy winters and abundant precipitations. In this case, we strongly recommend taking a few precautions so that the exterior of your house will last and look its best for a long time.

Avoid humidity inside your house

Make sure your in-house humidity levels are low. Even if you hire an exterior painting contractor in MA that will do an excellent job and follow all the rules, the moisture from the inside of your house will find its ways to the outside and ruin the paint job. It’s only a matter of time before your freshly applied coat will begin to peel off. Don’t let any moisture accumulate behind the siding. Try using a dehumidifier, especially when you run the washing machine or the dryer.

Scrupulous Preparation

Exterior house painting goes beyond just picking a paint color and applying it right away. Surfaces must be diligently prepared to ensure a high-quality exterior paint job. Do not paint over untreated wood surfaces, scratched wood, or wood affected by rot or insects.

Make sure your surfaces are nice and smooth before you proceed with painting them. Preparation work takes longer than the painting itself, therefore we highly recommend going for professional exterior house painting services in Massachusetts rather than a DYI job.

Cleaning and Priming before Painting

Look for an exterior house painting contractor in MA that will clean your surfaces thoroughly before applying paint. The paint will never stick to a dirty wall.

Remove any dirt, cobwebs, grease, rust, dust, and other substances to make your paint stay put for years to come. You can try to do it yourself using a sponge and house cleaning solutions, but it is a big and fussy job. You can find exterior house painting services in MA that provide quality pressure washing services as well.

Priming before painting is essential. One primer coat and one paint coat will do a better job preserving your surface than four coats of paint. Primer also brings up the color of your paint, so it looks fresh and rich. If your surface still shows a little tint of the previous color, a good primer will hide that too. Don’t skip the primer and make sure you pick a good one.

Use high-quality paint and apply it right away!

Research the exterior house painting cost in Massachusetts before you proceed with painting your own house. You may find out it’s quite affordable, and it’s not worth risking doing a poor job and paying a professional to redo it afterward. If you apply a thinner layer of paint, then your final result will look dull and weak. If you apply a thicker layer than needed, it may sag and put cracks on your walls or look like it’s dripping. A professional painter knows exactly how thick a layer should be for it to look perfect and have a long life.

Hire The Pros

You can teach yourself how to do anything, exterior painting is not an exception. But if you want a long-lasting exterior painting in Massachusetts, we recommend hiring professionals. They will provide flawless painting jobs appropriate for the climate in your area and will suggest great color combinations for your house.