Top 10 Best Wine Producing Countries to Visit

When you’re sick of buying wine at a wine shop, you can always go and discover the vineyards. Touring a vineyard is a great thing, because wine is good, but it is also produced in the heart of often beautiful regions. Browse the famous wine routes, here or elsewhere, always constituting memorable experiences, made of breathtaking landscapes and tasty tastings in the cellars. And since the blood of the earth must be consumed in moderation, here is the ranking of the best wine producing countries, a classification considering the wine coast of course, but also the total area of the vineyard, the percentage of exports in the world, and the annual production.

1. France

Who else could have arrived first? It is not to fall into primary chauvinism, but their wine is the best. Everyone agrees on that. France, which paradoxically does not have the biggest vineyard and is not the biggest producer either, but it does not matter because it exports the most, and by far!

2. Italy

With 54.8 million hectoliters, Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world. All this with a vineyard a little smaller than that of France. The Italians have made the wine since ancient times. So, there is some know-how, we must give them that. A small glass of Gaglioppo?

3. Spain

It is the country that has the largest vineyard (969,000 hectares against 789,000 hectares for France). Spain, which also knows how to highlight many great wines, is country of tradition, and where it is possible to taste some of the most popular wines in the world.

4. The United States

Uncle Sam imports a lot of wine (French in particular) but also produces some. It is in California that the majority of American wine is produced (90% of the total). The famous Napa Valley and its beautiful landscapes. Stay at The Resort at Pelican Hill to enjoy the beauty of California and its vineyards.

5. China

China is gaining momentum in all sectors, including wine. With a vast vineyard, just waiting to grow (875,000 hectares), the potential is enormous. The quality of Chinese wines is constantly improving.

6. Chile

Chilean wine has a pretty good reputation, and for good reason. They know not only how to go about making good wine, but also have everything so that beverages have taste and character. The climate, the land, and the abundance of water play into the fact that Chile weighs heavily in the world wine landscape.

7. Australia

Both Australia and Chile produce the same amount of wine each year (12.9 million hectoliters). Cultivated since the late eighteenth century, the vineyard is concentrated on the southern tip of Western Australia. It is also found in Tasmania.

8. Argentina

Any good wine lover who respects himself knows that the Argentinean wine is strong. A festive and generous wine, which is grown mainly at the foot of the Andes.

9. Turkey

They have been making wine in Turkey for a very long time. 2000 years before our era, the inhabitants of what was then the Hittite Empire were already making wine. When Constantinople fell, the vineyard did too. But since then, Turkey has put forward some serious assets. Its production, remaining rather modest.

10. Germany

Not content with just making excellent beer, the Germans also handle the art of turning grapes into wine. And despite a rather modest wine estate (103,000 hectares) which shows that wine is clearly not the priority of the country. The Romans planted the first vineyards in Germany. You can taste a very good Pinot Noir.