Top trends in energy that you probably don’t expect

From the very beginning of the use of electricity on a large scale, humanity has faced the problem of rationalizing its consumption. On the one hand, this was necessary for companies that supplied energy and wanted to attract as many customers as possible, and on the other hand, for consumers themselves, who wanted to pay little for the energy used, according to several reviews.

In the 3rd millennium, with the rapid development of technologies, this problem of energy rationalization no longer seems so difficult. There are renewable energy sources, solar energy, software applications that allow users to streamline their energy consumption, new industrial platforms, and energy management programs, a better infrastructure.


As energy specialists say, one of the trends in the energy industry is to innovate. In a world where users want to pay less and less for energy consumption and where the profit of energy companies is declining, the industry is in a position to innovate to maintain its position on the market.

Use of energy consumption models

Users, especially large industrial energy consumers, are interested in using energy consumption models to streamline their consumption, but also to predict future consumption. When creating energy consumption models, various technologies are used that monitor energy consumption by departments, floors, sections, etc., and which, at the same time, anticipate not only a certain energy consumption in the future but also the problems that may occur.

Use of household applications

Not only industrial users are interested in streamlining consumption, but also domestic users. Although people are somewhat reluctant to the idea of ​​a “smart home” that uses various sensors to monitor energy consumption, to stop the use of electricity when it is not necessary or, at least, to reduce it, applications and devices such as “smart” home ”are becoming more and more popular. Examples are:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa.

It is known that we live in a time when technology is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to a smart home. While for some, transforming the house into a smart home can be as simple as buying smart speakers, for others, this involves equipping the house with various products, from smart appliances to video cameras, smart lighting, security systems, electronic home locking systems, and more.

Offering complimentary services

For the most part, energy consumers receive only the energy supply service from energy suppliers. The current trend is for energy providers to offer additional services, such as access to mobile applications to monitor energy consumption and try to make it more efficient, secure, and fast payments made even from your phone or other mobile devices, secure and direct communication with the energy supply company, etc.

Creating new facilities

In the context of the development of technologies and the increase of consumer requirements, energy suppliers must modernize their facilities. To support as many consumers as possible, as energy companies want, they must invest in the creation and development of new ways of storing energy, in the replacement of old equipment, in very good quality services, in systems. energy flow monitoring, and in a state-of-the-art computer system.