What Colour Flowers will Go with Your Bedroom Setting

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Looking to romanticise your bedroom and in turn life, or just trying to make it more studious, flowers can do little in their ability to help you do so. If you are trying to focus more on books and less on social media fragrance of flowers and their respective colours can do things in their power to keep you away from your phone and into books. Likewise, if your room is pink in theme and you wish to beautify it with flowers to nurture the appearance and mood there are some ideas.

So to match both moods, setting and theme of the room here are some flowers that will put you right in place.

· Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are for friendship and put you in a calm and peaceful mood. If your house or bedroom has an offwhite or peach colour setting, yellow colours would look really pretty and will fit properly in the theme. If you live with your friend in a rented house, there couldn’t be a better option of look and fragrance.

· Red flowers

Red flowers are an emblem of love and will forever be. Their fragrance puts you in a lighter mood regardless of what you have been feeling all day and are capable of spreading love in the air too. Living with your partner, there’s no harm in having red roses in your bedroom, and if you have a white and black themed room, this combination will be superior and romantic.

beautify your kid's bedroom

· White roses

White roses resemble peace and class. If you personify yourself with these two traits as well, you will take no time to fall in love with the idea of white flowers in your room. If you love to meditate, they can prove to be a great means of focus and attention. They will look much richer and sophisticated if you have a room that has a grey or white theme. Even an almirah with a grey texture ply could look really well with these bedside flowers.

· Lucky bamboo

If you are looking to beautify your kid’s bedroom side by side, fulfilling the purpose of keeping it heavenly and light lucky bamboo is the right choice. It is known for its luck-bringing and is helpful to keep attention on important things. You can place it on your kid’s study table, so they know to stick to their purpose and not divert. Their colour green is also the colour of focus and studies.

· Lilies

In love with the colour pink, some people love to have everything in that shade, if you are one of them you would love the idea of a pink theme with white lilies too. So if your bedroom or living room has pink walls with a combination of white or a lighter shade don’t hesitate to enrich your decor with white lilies to keep on a table. Keep the water clean in preferably a transparent vase, and that’s how you get the perfect home decor.

If home decor has always been your idea, here’s your guiding light to dazzle your room.