Top Must Haves for Buyers in Seattle, WA

The landscape of the housing market is currently in transition with everything from home prices to mortgage rates shifting on an almost daily basis.  But while the housing market may be fluctuating, buyers’ most requested upgrades are not. Buyer must-haves have remained consistent over the past couple of years and continue to focus on making life simpler and more efficient.  Here are a few must-haves to consider if you are looking to sell a home fast in Seattle, WA.


In Seattle Washington where the weather might send you indoors more often than not, indoor entertainment is a major must-have for buyers.  Most real estate agents are seeing an increase in buyers that are interested in more home entertainment features such as a wet bar, wine fridge, and hosting areas.  They are also interested in plenty of bonus spaces like a converted basement or extra rec room.

Extra Storage

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage, a home can never have too much storage.  Buyers are on the lookout for a home that can store all of their extras in a beautiful cohesive way.  Think large bathroom linen closets, walk-in master bedroom closets, and floor-to-ceiling storage units in the playroom.  Another area where buyers want storage is the garage.  Instead of allowing the area to overflow with outdoor tools or auto necessities, buyers want a neatly organized space that can be used as more than just a storage area and place to park a vehicle or two.


Since you can’t physically pick up your house and move it, this request isn’t one that you can upgrade or DIY into existence.  Buyers want to purchase more than just a home; they want to purchase a lifestyle.  So if a buyer is considering beginning a family their top priority may be the school district.  Buyers that are raising a family are also looking for safe and quiet neighborhoods preferably in the suburbs.  Gen X buyers are very interested in living in a neighborhood that is walkable where they can stroll down to the local neighborhood grocery store for a loaf of bread without navigating hundreds of cars in a busy city supermarket.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do homebuyers want space, but they also want energy-efficient space.  Top energy-efficient priorities are energy star-rated windows and appliances.  Buyers are also interested in energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, and smart thermostats to better regulate utility usage.

Selling your home can take time which may be difficult if you are selling your home and buying another at the same time.  You can speed up the selling process by prepping your home to sell, working with a real estate agent, and marketing must-have features that buyers will love.